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How Do Heat Powered Fans Work?

20 Dec 2021 0 Comments


With the rise of technology, various changes have taken place in all aspects of our life. Thousands of inventions have been made to improve living conditions.

The heat powered fan should be an excellent example. The stove is a significant part of our winter life. However, this invention used to put us in a dilemma.

It is a universal experience that you have no idea about where to sit to keep yourself warm. When you sit close to the stove, it will be too hard to handle the heat. But if you move a little far from your stove, you can’t feel the heat at all.

The heat powered fan is well designed to help you solve this trouble by changing the complete distribution capacity of a stove. You must be curious about how heat powered fans work. Let’s know more about the magical heat powered fan and learn how to use it.


Does the stove fan have batteries?

The heat powered fan is environmentally friendly.

As is well known to all, the traditional fan is powered by electricity. However, the heat powered fan uses the heat of your stove as energy to make it run.

When you put the fan on your stove and your stove heats up, the heat difference between the base and the top of the fun creates a voltage and drives the thermoelectric motor. The current is low but enough to drive the blades of the fun.

Without batteries, the heat powered fun uses the heat of your stove to drive it. After your purchase, there will be no further charges. The price is also affordable.

For example, Signstek’s stove fan costs just $27 (on the discount day). The motor of this wood fireplace blower stove fan is imported from Japan, running more smoothly than a normal motor and making almost no sound.

It also has a long life and is easy to use, effectively distributing warm air evenly throughout the room and reducing the amount of fuel you burn on cold days.


Does it work on all stoves?

Only when it achieves the minimum temperature can the motor of your stove fan work. If the heat difference is not large enough, the voltage can’t drive the blades.

For example, the stove fan from Signstek is designed to withstand normal surface temperatures between 205 °C and 345 °C (400 °F and 650 °F).

There are also ‘low temperature’ fans designed for special stoves.

In today’s market, for most stoves, you can buy a suitable heat powered fan.


What is the best position for the fan?

Remember not to place your stove fan against the wall. Your fan needs cool air to help the blades to run.

Leave about 15cm behind your fan to make sure that it can push the warm air into your room.


Can the stove fan get too hot?

There is a maximum temperature for most heat powered fans. If the temperature gets too high, the motor would get damaged and fails to work.

After the arrival of your stove fan, check your model’s specifications in the instruction. The thermometer is an excellent partner for your heat powered fan.

With it, you can check whether the temperature is too high for your fan. And if it gets too hot, remove your stove fan to a cooler place.

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