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How to Style a Coffee Table?

16 Dec 2021 0 Comments

Your own coffee table been built, the next challenge must be how to style your coffee table. Styling your coffee table requires you to make a balance between stylish and manageable.

In order to keep up with the times, the fashion elements attached to your coffee table need to be durable. The comfort your coffee table brings to you in the real world is of very practical value.

If your coffee table is not elaborately decorated, it will become a kind of shelf and foreign object that can’t blend into your decoration. If you add too many design elements to your coffee table, it will totally end up with an adornment.

We list a few key points that will make your coffee table look fabulous on top and functional to boot up.

Start With A Plant

Plants last for a long time. Compared with other decorative elements, an interesting plant or greenery arrangement adds more energy to your coffee table and can alleviate physical fatigue.

The size of the plant to choose depends on the size of your coffee table and your living room. For example, large potted plants, like monstera deliciosa and ficus Benjamina, can be placed in the corner of the living room with a smaller one on your coffee table.

With these plants, you will be able to breathe fresher air and relax your eyes. If you put a large potted plant on your small coffee table, the plant occupies a large part of the place like a square peg, preventing you from placing and taking other objects from the table.

How To Choose A Tray?

People like to place a tray on the coffee table in that it helps to keep items in order and makes it easier to clean the coffee table.

Remember to select a tray in a different material from your coffee table, adding interest and a sense of layers. But you need to make sure that the material won’t damage your surface.

A large-sized tray allows you to fit more items on it and style it in different ways.

How To Choose Objects?

Varied heights are the main idea for styling coffee tables when selecting objects. A grouping of 3 heights is suggested: tall, mid-high, and short.

Imagine that everything on your coffee table is at the same height. You won’t feel relaxed but cabined. The impression your home leaves on your friends will be stiff.
The height of the objects you choose should match the size of the coffee table. And if you are using a tray, the objects in a narrow base fit better.

For taller objects, vases should be a good option and you can put fresh branches in them to add some life to the vignette.

For short objects, you are free to pick small items you like: a short candle, books, a pretty dish, etc.

How To Style A Coffee Table With No Tray?

If your coffee table is round, it may be better not to use a tray, which allows you to use the coffee table more than just the edge. Without a tray, your placement can be relaxed.

What if you don’t like the tray but still want to divide the place of your coffee table? A pedestal should be your choice, making an excellent addition to your coffee table.

With the popularity of simplism, the hairpin legs take the stage. Building your own table or pedestal with hairpin legs is becoming incredibly popular. Signstek’s 6-inch hairpin legs would be perfect for this idea. With simple construction, your DIY pedestal is suitable for all kinds of coffee tables.

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