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How to Get The Most Heat From a Wood Stove?

24 Dec 2021 0 Comments

Wood stove is our good friend in the cold winter. It brings us warmth at a higher rate than the traditional fireplace, coming into more and more households.

However, with the cost of heating rising, how to get the most heat from your wood stove becomes an essential question for wood stove owners or future owners.

The rate of heat conversion can be traced to various factors: type of wood, combustion, amount of fuel, air, circulation, etc. You will find out later how to get the most heat from your wood stove in this guide.

Choose the right wood

Combustion is a process of energy conversion. Both the type and the combustion system affect the heat your stove releases. The more perfectly the wood burns and the more energy in your wood, the more heat it will give off.


1. Well seasoned wood

It’s well known that water hinders combustion and requires more energy to burn, reducing the overall heat output. To get the most heat from your wood stove requires you to choose the correct dryness of the wood.

As a plant, trees contain a lot of water: for example, the percentage of water in jujube trees is 40 to 55%. After being cut down, the wood will be left to dry over a long period to evaporate water into the atmosphere. Only when the water level is sufficiently low can you get the most heat from burning the wood.


2. Hardwoods and softwoods

Both hardwoods and softwoods have their specialty. Combining softwoods and hardwoods perfectly in a process of burning your wood stove can help you get the most heat.

Easier to light and burn than hardwoods, softwoods fit for the start. With softwoods, your wood stove heats up quickly but it will use much more wood if you keep burning the softwoods all the time.

Hardwoods are much denser than softwoods, burning much longer. After the temperature has increased, hardwoods can replace the softwoods. As hardwoods can create hotter coals, they can continue producing the heat for a much longer time.

Circulate the heat from your wood stove: heat powered fans

It is a universal experience that you can only feel the heat when you are close to your stove. The heat powered fan is well designed to help you get more heat from your stove.

For example, Signstek’s wood burning stove fan circulates the heat around the fireplace, balances the temperature in the living room and kitchen, and allows hot air to circulate efficiently and quickly throughout the room, allowing you to enjoy a warm environment in winter.

In addition, the heat powered fan is environmentally friendly, using the heat of your stove as energy from a motor to make it run. With the motor imported from Japan,

Signstek’s stove fan runs more smoothly than a normal motor and makes almost no sound.

Clean and maintain the stove

The simplest way to get the most heat from your stove is to keep both your stove and fuel clean and well-maintained, making them work efficiently.

Leave several centimeters of ash under your fuel. This contributes to helping your fuel burn completely with better air circulation.

With a clean chimney, your flue can provide optimum draft and ensures it burns efficiently. Clean your stove and chimney at least once a year.

Regulate the damper

Damper, a movable iron plate, regulates the draft in the chimney of your stove. It can be opened or closed to regulate the air circulation and consequently control the burning speed.

Attention! When your stove is burning, the damper can’t be completely closed even if at the night or after long use. Else, the harmful smoke or gases may run into your room.

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