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What Does Acne Prone Mean?

17 Aug 2021 0 Comments

Acne prone, as the name suggests, means your skin will break out more easily and frequently than normal skin.

And unfortunately, it's not a simple skin type that just goes away on its own in the short term. In contrast, Acne prone skin requires months or even years of treatment to manage it effectively.

Once you have acne prone skin, it means you may have to spend more time maintaining good skin.

You may sleep on a regular basis and eat a healthy diet and still have a lot of breakouts and blackheads.

In the meantime, your friend stays up until 2am and eats junk food every day, and doesn't exercise at all, yet somehow he/she still has clear, flawless skin.

That sounds unfair. What's the deal? What exactly causes acne prone skin?

How do I know if I have acne prone skin?

If your skin is always acne, or the old acne has just healed for a while, have no time to go on, and continue to grow new acne.

There are always old pimples on your face when the new ones grow back before they go down.

This is relatively normal in adolescence. If you are still in this state after adolescence, then you can basically conclude that your skin is acne prone.

What causes acne prone skin?

The four main causes of acne prone skin:

  1. Excessive oil secretion of the skin itself leads to pore blockage and inflammation of the underlying hair follicle.
  2. Unscientific cleaning method: Either not cleaning in place, or excessive cleaning, resulting in skin damage.
  3. The choice of skin care products is not correct, not suitable for their own skin quality and problems.
  4. Bad living habits, unhealthy diet and irregular work and rest may aggravate skin problems.

What skin type is more prone to acne?

Most people who have acne easily and repeatedly have oily skin. Let's take a look at the characteristics of oily skin:

1. Skin Features:

Because sebaceous glands secrete exuberantly, the face is greasy and shiny, the pores are thicker, especially the nasal wing and forehead are more obvious.

2. Physiological characteristics:

The water content of the cuticle reaches 20% and its PH is less than 4.5. But the sebaceous glands have strong sebum secretion and more sebum, and they have strong resistance to the stimulation of sunlight and wind.

The high frequency facial machine helps you clear your face

If you're struggling with acne prone skin and want it to go away, Signstek high frequency facial machine may be the answer.

In general, artificial methods to solve acne can divide into physical therapy and chemical therapy.

Chemotherapy means taking a variety of targeted drugs, and I won't go into details here, you can ask the doctor for a professional opinion.

And physical therapy uses high-frequency facial machines like SIGNSTEK.

what does acne prone mean?

This facial machine is a very advanced portable device with 4 different shapes of high-frequency electrodes:

The mushroom tube can be used for large area treatment, helping to reduce wrinkles, cellulite and fine lines;

The tongue tube is used for sensitive areas, such as the dark circles under the eyes;

The bent tube is used in blotchy areas to help remove stubborn pimples, sterilize and improve large pores;

The comb tube can be used to stimulate scalp circulation, which helps speed up new hair growth and reduce hair loss.

The treatment is completely painless using the device. When you use it, the argon and neon electrodes inside the rod emit a small current, which produces oxygen when applied to the skin.

This oxygen enters the skin to help boost cell metabolism, eliminate acne and boost collagen production, which helps improve acne greatly.

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