The Best Keypad Door Locks for a Secure Home


If you want to simplify your lifestyle in the way you open the door, there is nothing more effective than a keyboard lock.

With it, you no longer have to go out with the key, take the key out of your pocket or schoolbag, and don't worry about forgetting the key and locking yourself at home.

In the modern intelligent society, a good door lock can be seamlessly integrated with your life, so that your life can achieve maximum convenience.

You can set multiple passwords to it, share security and convenience with your family, or unlock it directly with Bluetooth.

And their installation process is very convenient, follow the tutorial step by step, you don’t need the professional skills of the locksmith to install these locks.

It's not so complicated to get rid of cumbersome keys and door locks, delete old locks and replace them with convenient high-tech smart locks, and you can do it right away if you want to.

However, sometimes the function of e keyboard door lock is not all you want, in this guide we will give you a detailed analysis of several keypad door locks of Signstek, which you can choose according to your needs.


ST-668 PLUS Touchscreen Keypad Door Lock

This lock is popular for its stylish and modern design. It is also the only lock with a touchscreen on Signstek.

If your home style is more modern, then the appearance of this lock will be well integrated with your home style and bring more sense of technology.

Not only does the touchscreen give you a tech-friendly look, but it also doesn't feel like an ordinary lock when entering a password, which will suit you if you're used to the texture you usually use on a smartphone's touchscreen.


PLU331 Electronic Keypad Door Lock

This door lock has passed ANSI/BHMA Grade 3 certification, and the function of automatic locking after closing in the electronic keyboard can prevent any incomplete locking, giving people a safe and reliable home life experience.

And this door lock can be muted when entering the password to prevent others from cracking your password according to the tone of different digital codes, which provides a further guarantee for your password security.

In addition to the extraordinary security features, this door lock can also set up 6 sets of rich passwords to facilitate you to share passwords with your family or trusted friends. It is also very suitable for hotel owners to use on the door lock of the guest room.


YL-99 Keyless Door Knob

If you still miss the feeling of rotating the handle when using the door handle in the past, and also want to enjoy the convenience and speed of the electronic door lock, then you can choose this door lock.

From the outside, this door lock is a password dial embedded in the traditional circular style door handle, which is the best combination of traditional door lock and smart door lock.

And the door lock is also equipped with a backlit keyboard, even if you go home at night, you can clearly see the password number, making it easier for you to enter the password.


Bluetooth Door Lock with Keypad Deadbolt

This is the only one of all the Signstek door locks that has Bluetooth.

What does Bluetooth mean?

Its biggest function is to let you directly omit the step of entering the password, and really realize the most convenient and quick process of opening the door.

It's two steps faster than the traditional door lock.

So how to achieve this function?

Through the mobile phone app.

In modern society, people basically have a mobile phone. When you are close to the door lock, turn on your phone's Bluetooth function. When the corresponding app is paired with the door lock, you just need to rest the unlock button of the smart door lock to open the door.


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