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Smart Door Lock Maintenance | Smart Door Lock Installation Method

01 Apr 2021 0 Comments

Now the smart door lock technology is developing rapidly, and it has been welcomed by many families, and it will gradually occupy the market in the future. Do you know how to install the smart door lock? What are the maintenance techniques for smart door locks? Let's take a look with this blog!

Smart door lock installation method

1. Prepare materials

Prepare door lock installation tools: hammer, flat chisel, ruler, Phillips screwdriver, 5mm hexagon socket screw wrench, 2mm hexagon socket screw wrench, electric drill, drill bit. To distinguish the direction of the door lock and dig the keyhole, please refer to the hole template and install the smart door lock.

2. Install the lock cylinder

Firstly, remove the side trim, and fix the lock cylinder on the door with two cross countersunk screws. Be careful not to crimp the line when installing, and install the side trim.

3. Install the front and rear panels

Install the lock on the front panel first, and try to see if the mechanical key is smooth, and be sure to take out the mechanical key after the test. Install the shaft inside and outside the door, connect the data cable between the front panel and the lock cylinder, and connect the battery cable.
Install the front and rear panels, and fix them with hexagon socket countersunk head screws (panel). Pay attention to the data line, do not press the line. After installing the battery, debug the door lock to make sure that the diagonal tongue and square tongue pop out freely. The mechanical key can open the door normally, the handle rotates smoothly, etc.

The maintenance of smart door locks

1. Appearance maintenance

Regarding the maintenance of the appearance of the lock body, please do not contact the surface of the lock body with corrosive substances, such as acidic substances, so as not to damage the appearance protection layer of the lock body and affect the aesthetics of the lock body.
If it is a fingerprint recognition smart door lock, and the fingerprint collection window on the lock body is used for a long time, there will be some dust and dirt on the surface, which is likely to affect the sensitivity of fingerprint recording, and the dust should be wiped regularly with a soft cloth.

2. Replace the battery in time

The batteries of household smart locks use conventional AA batteries, and the battery life is limited. The Signstek's door lock will emit a short tone to remind people when the battery is low, once you find that the battery is low, please replace the battery in time.
Of course, in an emergency, when the battery is exhausted you can use a backup external power supply. When replacing the battery, make sure that the positive and negative positions of the battery are installed correctly.

3. Door handle maintenance

In daily use, the most commonly used part in opening and closing doors is the handle. Its flexibility directly affects the use of the door lock. Therefore, please do not hang heavy objects on the handle to avoid disrupting the balance of the handle.

4. Lock cylinder maintenance

The lock cylinder is the core component of the entire smart lock. The lock cylinder may be inflexible in long-term use. At this time, you can add some lubricant to the lock cylinder. While adding the lubricant, turn the handle and knob by hand. Until the door lock is flexible, but not too much fuel injection.

The above is the smart door lock installation method and smart door lock maintenance related knowledge shared by the Signstek’s blog. I hope it will be helpful to you.
If you want to know more about the installation method and maintenance of smart door locks, please continue to pay attention to our blog. We will provide you with better service if you choose the Signstek’s door lock.
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