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How to Heat Up a Room without Electricity?

20 Apr 2022 0 Comments

During the cold winter, staying in a warm and comfortable room is definitely the most wonderful feeling.

However, it can be a disappointing experience if a power outage happens. Even with the power supply, the heating bills are high. Many people go into debt because of their heating bills.

Learning how to heat the room without electrical power is essential. This skill will not only help you reduce your heating bills, but also help you cope with the emergency of a power failure.

Here are a few tricks worth trying.

Ways to heat your room without electricity

Close off rooms that you don’t use

Heat spontaneously passes from a hotter to a colder body. Close the unused rooms, then you can prevent the heat from running into other rooms that you are not in and won't get into.

Moreover, with the doors open, it is easier for the cold air to enter inside. By closing the doors of these unused rooms, you can prevent air currents from flowing through your unused rooms.

Take advantage of sunlight

Taking advantage of sunlight should be the easiest way to heat your room during the cold winter because solar energy is nature’s original space heater. Sunlight contains the energy from the sun.

During the daytime of winter, keep the curtains open to let the sunshine shine all over your rooms. Then close the curtains when night falls. After the day, the air in your room absorbed the power of the sun. It will be warmer than the room with the curtains closed.

Add fans to the wood stove

Wood-burning is a traditional and cost-effective way to keep you and your rooms warm. Millions of families get the wood stove going and sit in front of it to heat up.

If you own or have owned a wood stove, you can understand what I am going to say. There is no denying that the wood stove is a great invention. But it is difficult to warm up with it in a comfortable way.

For most wood stoves, you have to sit or stand close to them to get the heat. But the longer you sit in front of it, the hotter it will be. You will have to move away and keep your distance from it to avoid scalds. However, after the removal, it seems no heat can touch you at all.

That’s the pain point of the traditional wood stove. Fortunately, the heat powered wood stove fan is designed to solve this problem. As we already mentioned yet, warm air contains heat. With the wood stove fan running, the warm air flows into every inch of your room, taking full advantage of your stove.

I have to mention that the heat powered wood stove fan runs without electricity. And it helps to make full use of the fuel. It is environmentally friendly.

Take Signstek's wood stove fan as an example. It is thermodynamic. There is a motor at the base of the fan. The motor runs by the heat difference between the base and the top of the fan. The motor of Signstek’s wood stove fan is imported from Japan, running more smoothly than normal and making almost no sound.

We provide fans in different sizes to fit your rooms. Signstek’s EF-145 Eco-friendly 4-blade heat powered wood stove fan can be used in rooms up to 173ft2 and EF-146 fits rooms up to 430 ft2.

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