Digital Electronic Keyless Door Locks Safe Smart Door Lock Set

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Touch Screen Keypads

Touch screen keypads are the most affordable introduction of Signstek to home automation and the convenience and security of code lock. The touch screen will never sunk like the physical keypad, keyless entry.


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Keyless Convenience

Set and store up to 99 access codes, providing secure, keyless entry for family members and trusted friends. Don’t worry about hiding spare keys for people or losing your keys. Getting in the door is as easy as entering codes only know by you.


Touch Screen Keypads

Touch screen keypads greatly extended the life of the lock, you don't have to call a locksmith for a just a button damaged.


Hidden Keyhole

The emergency keys entry is hidden behine the lever, every lock has the spare keys.


Easy installation

If you have 30 minutes and a screwdriver, you can easily replace your existing lock with a Signstek connected keypad. They come pre-programmed with any access codes, so they’re ready to go, right out of the box.



Power Supply:DC6V,4 AAA Batteries
Quiescent Current≤30uA
Working Current≤250mA
Door Thickness:1.38 inch -1.97inch
Handle Size:5.2" x 1.18" x 1.89"


Package Includes:

1 x Signstek locker
2 x Emergency Keys
1 x Screwdriver
4 x AAA battery
1 x User Guide


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